Workshop Körperwahrnehmung zur Stressreduktion

Gönn Dir Zeit fürs eigene Wohlbefinden und lerne unter Anleitung gezielt Stress abzubauen und Euch effektiv zu entspannen, um so mehr Gelassenheit und Ruhe in den Alltag einkehren zu lassen und auch mit Kind bei dir zu bleiben. Du lernst Übungen aus der Kinesiologie, Reflexiologie und Meditation kennen.

16.5.2020, 10 bis 16 Uhr

Kosten: (inkl. Imbiss & Kinderbetreuung)
28 € (reduced. 20 €), SHIA member 23 € (reduced 15 €)
Venue: SHIA e.V. SelbsthilfeInitiative Alleinerziehender Berlin, Rudolf-Schwarz-Str. 31, 10407 Berlin

Reiki Introduction (German/English)

23.3./23.4./18.5./8.6./15.9./8.10./12.11.2020 from 7 – 10 pm

On this free informational evening, I introduce you to a holistic system of healing that has been rediscovered in the last century.


Reiki Level 1 Course (German/English)

Starts 23.3./2.4./5.5./8.6./15.9./8.10./12.11.2020, each course contents of five appointments from 6.30 – 9.30 pm plus supervision

The focus of Level One is on self-healing and helping others. Learn the original Reiki for yourself, for your loved ones, animals and plants, the different hand positions, the work with the aura and the chakras, the energetic protective and cleaning exercises and much more in theory and practice.More


Reiki Healing Circle (German/English)

Each 4th Tuesday 6.45 pm, min. 10 € (For Reiki Practitioner only)


Reiki Level 2 Course

5 June 2020: 6 – 9 pm, 6 + 7 June 2020: 11 am – 5 pm

Deepening and further applications of Reiki.  A preliminary talk is compulsory.


Reiki III Course – The Master Course (German/English)

Begin 12.10.2020 at 7 pm

This 3 months course is designed to attune Reiki practitioners to the Master energy and symbol and to provide a variety of techniques for using it. The real benefit of Reiki III/Master is a deeper connection to your spiritual truths, and a deep sense of empowerment towards living the life you wish.A preliminary talk is compulsory. More

Reiki Teacher Course (On demand)

Feel ready to teach Reiki and pass on Reiki attunements to others. A preliminary talk is compulsory. More