Nowadays, »getting down to the real essence of the self« and the ability to listen to and unterstand our bodies is becoming more and more dificult: Some people simply don’t have the time and others are not able to recognize the signs their bodies give them until they no longer have a choice.

Even experienced professionals in the field must learn to give themselves the attention we all need so much. As an Alternative Practitioner Brigitte Boller specializes in Kinesiology. It is widely agreed that the body knows exactly what it needs or what is detrimental to it. This can be determined by muscle testing, a system for obtaining feedback from the body. Different areas determine how blockages and disturbances can be overcome such as:

  • emotional or mental (e.g burn-out, depression, exam related stress, AD(H)S)
  • biochemical (e.g. intolerances, allergies)
  • structural (e.g. tensions, pain)
  • organic (e.g. gland and organ disorders)

The approach is similar to that of an interpreterr who listens to your body and communicates to you what your body is trying to tell you. This interpreter teaches you by walking beside you until you are able to recognize the signs yourself.