In the first consultation I gather information about you, write down your individual history, examine you, and arrive at a diagnosis based on the entire session. There normally is no treatment at the first session, however, I take plenty of time to get to know you and to understand you and your concerns.
In the follow-up consultations I usually begin with the „muscle test“ – I ask your body, suggest various patterns, and listen to the reaction of your body. Each session is individual from session to session and is based on your changes. I receive respectively another feedback. Your body is my highest authority and, due to the dynamic process you go through, there is no treatment plan but again an effective therapeutic approach.
You always receive a detailed introduction into the therapy to be applied. In my practice, the time we spend together can lead to longer consulations than you may be used to when you visit other doctors.
I work mainly with various kinesiology methods but the following methods can be used over the course of treatment as well:

  • Family Constellation
  • Acupuncture
  • Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Anti-Pain Reiki

In particular cases I integrate the GP or name a suitable laboratory, e.g. the picture of the blood count,.
Duration of the Consultation:
I assume that the body knows exactly what it needs. The work with it is a dynamic process and its durations is dependent on the patient’s support of the process in the form of doing excercises as homework.
My aim is that you learn a stronger body awareness and begin to listen to it more. With the exercises you learn with me, you will be able to react in an optimum way to its needs. Therefore, you won’t need me anymore as a translator because you understand the language of your body yourself again.
According to the respective health insurance the treatment cost can be reimbursed in varying amounts.